Saturday, 12 January 2008

I thought Eton Rifles was by the Jam?

It seems David "call me Dave" Cameron has decided the best way to the hearts of us Northern folk is to say he likes the music. A swift endorsement of the Smiths and the economic and social evisceration of the country north of Watford will be forgotten. Now far be it from me to imply that this is a cynical move in the Conservative leader's ongoing attempts to prove that one is an ordinary chap. He may very well like the song. Morrissey is after all one of the few people with a comparable ego to a Tory MP, and many of them share the view that a rush and a push and the land that we stand on is ours. However if he wants to win (and not have the Manchester ringroad become the new Scottish border) Cameron knows he has to start getting seats in Northern cities. His old pal Boris hasn't exactly made that easy with his comments about Liverpool, and a single yellow swallow does not make a summer. So expect plenty more state visits, and never a mention of the dark times, of the ashes from which some have risen, and in which some still languish. Like 1997, the Tories seem to hope that if they ignore the past it will go away. I wonder if Dave remembers this track...

"Top ten idol, king of your age
Who do you turn to when you're backstage ?
Don't you remember you once knew a girl
You loved her more than the world..."

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scotty said...

God, I thought the whole "Hey I like the same celebrities as you" thing was confined to America (hear about Oprah and Obama? And various D-list stars campaigning for various candidates?). It's shameful, that politics has boiled down to the equivalent of an online dating site.

PS You need to get mor readers for your blog, it's brilliant.....I'll put a link to your blog in mine, if that's OK (not like that'll do anything).